Genre: Action/Horror/Creature/Military/War 

• Director: Neil Marshall (Dog Soldier, Sony Pictures Timeless series, Lost in Space series, Hannibal series, HBO original Westworld series, Hellboy 2, HBO original Game of Thrones series, Warner Bros. Constantine, Black Sails). 

• Cast: Jonathan Howard (Thor: the dark world, World War Z, Godzilla: King of Monster, The Last Ship series, Downton Abbey series, Kingdom series), Charlotte Kirk, Jamie Bamber (Galactica, Law & Order), Leon Ockenden (Mr Selfridge), Hadi Khanjanpour (Tehran), Harry Taurasi (The Infiltrator, The Man from U.N.C.L.E).

• Synopsis: Shot down over one of the most dangerous rebel strongholds in Afghanistan, a Royal Air Force pilot discovers an abandoned Soviet Research Facility concealed in the remote hills. She finds refuge in an underground bunker where deadly man-made biological weapons – half human, half alien and hungry for human flesh are awakened as she watches the creatures rip apart the men pursuing her.