Motel Melati

•Genre: Horror – Supernatural – Mystery – Thriller – Adventure
Director: Mike Wiluan (Hitman Agent 47,Crazy Rich Asian)
Producer:  Freddie Yeo (HBO’s Westworld, Crazy Rich Asian)
Starring: Alexandra Gottardo (Pinky Promise), Kiki Narendra (Love  for sale,Imperfect,Notebook), Bima Sena (Gundala), Putri Ayudya
Gundala) & others.

Synopsis: You are checked in for a Pleasant stay in our Motel Melati run by the mistress of the house, Madam Melati. Things are not as they seem, our century old cursed Motel lures unsuspecting travelers where they are confronted by their worst nightmares, never to be seen again. Come and learn Madam Melati’s secret and tortured history and the truth behind her bond with the Motel.