Genre: Comedy/Drama/Adventure


• Director: OSCAR Winner – Joachim Back (The New Tenants)


• Starring: JON HAMM – Primetime Emmy award winner (as the Aviator commander in Chief with TOM CRUISE in Top Gun: Maverick, in Disney’s Million Dollar Arm, acted in more than 117 films), supporting him is DANNY PUDI (Star Trek Beyond), SARAH GADON (Ferrari), BILL MARCHANT (Godzilla).


• Synopsis: Based on the international best-selling novel The Room. CORNER OFFICE an absurdist tale of a man lost in his own space. Our corporate hero is trying to move up in his newly acquired job and discovers a secret room in his office building; his alienation deepens when he discovers a room he’s told doesn’t exist. Discover human behavior to find humor in the

absurdity of everyday life.

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